Exterior Solar Shades 10-14 Percent

These Solar Roll-Up Sun Control Shades have an openness factor of 10 to 14 percent, so they offer a great view of the outdoors. Choose from Tabby (10%) and Leno (14%) fabrics in a large color selection. This solar shade material is made of PVC coated fiberglass which makes them very durable and easy to clean. These window shades will block heat and direct sunlight, but not block the outside view. These sun shades are not for areas where complete privacy is required because of their openness factor. They are great for rooms such as sunrooms, porches, and patios where a view and energy efficiency are needed while still filtering the sun and blocking the heat. These sun control shades will roll up out of the way when not needed for a complete open view.

• Fabrics are 10% - 14% openness factor
• Sunscreen material blocks 80% to 97% of UV rays while maintaining natural light
• Helps prevent fading of carpet, upholstery, wood floors & reduces glare
• Flame retardant - Energy saver. Fragrance free, non-toxic
• NOTE: These have rather large deductions to fabric width. See product specs
• Rust-proof cassette valance system optional. Adds $ 89
• External decorative & bungee hold down bottom hem bars optional. Adds $ 29
• Mounting hardware & install screws are included with most products
• Lifetime warranty against defects in parts and workmanship
• Ships within 3-5 working days
• Free FedEx ground shipping on all orders




We warrant that our products are manufactured to the highest professional standards and carefully inspected before shipping. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The limited lifetime warranty extends only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable and does not cover damage caused by improper installation, maintenance or use. This limited warranty does not cover claims that any such components are defective as a result of exposure to sunlight. Any defect, malfunction or failure to perform caused by fire, wind, hail, flood, lightning, or pollutants is excluded from this limited warranty. If any of our products fail to meet this limited warranty we will repair or replace the defective part(s) free of charge. You must pay the costs or removal, installation, or reinstallation of the product. Even if we are at fault or make any mistakes while processing your order, we will not pay for air freight charges to remedy the situation. Please view our Return/Repair Policy on our Order Policies. We reserve the right to change, discontinue or alter any of our products, or the parts incorporated into any of our products, at our sole discretion. If any parts or component originally installed in any of our products is not available within 30 days after original date of receiving merchandise, we cannot be held responsible for any discontinued products.

Mount: Available as Inside or Outside Mount
Comes standard with continuous loop clutch lift.
Roll Options: Available with the standard roll off back of shade or Reverse Roll that rolls off front side of shade.
Valances: Comes standard without a valance. Rust-Proof Cassette Valance System.
Bottom Rail: Choose from: Sewn-In Bottom Rail Bar. External Metal Color-Coordinated and External Bottom Bar with Bungee Hold Downs.

Continuous Loop Chain Clutch

Cordless Lift (Spring)


View of 12v Motorized Unit

Remotes: 1-16 Channel

Standard Roll
Reverse Roll (hangs off front)

Sewn in Hem Bar

Fabric Wrapped Hem Bar

Comes Standard With No Valance

Cassette Valance System

Product Specifications:

Minimum Width Cordless 24\"
Minimum Width Clutch 15\"
Minimum Height Cordless 24\"
Minimum Height Clutch 24\"
Maximum Width Cordless 72\"
Maximum Width Clutch 96\"
Maximum Height Cordless 72\"
Maximum Height Clutch 96\"
Approx. Control and Fabric Deductions (see chart below)
Installation Requirements:

Minimum Inside Mount Depth 1 1/4\"
Minimum Inside Mount Depth (Cassette style) 1 3/4\"
Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) 3\"
Minimum Inside Mount Depth (Cassette style)(fully recessed) 4\"
Minimum Outside Mounting Surface 2\"

Roller Shades Stack Height

The stack height varies based on the size of the roller shade. The wider/longer the shade the bigger the roll will be when the shade is in the up position. Larger sized shades also require a thicker the tube to support the shade. We can only estimate the stack sizes for customer inquiries. The normal estimation is anywhere from 2-5 inches.

Roller Shade Width Deductions

Production Deductions taken by Factory
1\" Metal Roller - 14\" to 71 7/8\" width 1 3/8\" Metal Roller - 72\" and greater width
Tip to Tip 1/4\" 1/8\" 1/4\" 1/8\"
Barrel 1 1/8\" 1\" 1 1/4\" 1 1/8\"
Fabric 1 1/8\" 1\" 1 1/4\" 1 1/8\"