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Frequently asked questions

What is MEHM and what does it offer?

MEHM is a web based software as a service (SaaS) that was specifically built for the interior decor, window covering and construction trade industries. More specifically, it provides all the unique selling, quoting and business management tools for those who manage decor projects, home remodeling services, repair services, sell window blinds, draperies, shades, shutters or any other similar items. It's everything you'll need to run your business.

What makes MEHM better than all other industry software?

Some programs claim to be designed for the interior decor or window coverings industry, but once you dig deeper you find they are not much more than a pretty CRM with a "made for the decor or blinds industry" title on top. The fact is, there are only a few purpose-built programs out there that do anything remotely close to what MEHM Software does.

And if you sell window coverings and are looking for a program that will do ALL of your quoting, for ALL brands and ANY product type then the choice is clear. It's MEHM.

Who are the developers and what experience do they have?

An important question many overlook when making software decisions. Joe Mehm, MEHM Software's Founder and President, has been a part of the home decor and window coverings industry for 35+ years. Having created and established multiple local retail operations during his first 13 years in the industry, he is also responsible for some of the top Internet based window covering, house plans and home decor sites such as,, and With over two decades experience creating exceptionally detail orientated software and possessing an intimate knowledge of the retail side of the business, it would be difficult to find anyone more qualified to produce such a service.

What is the Windowware window coverings quote module?

One of the key components of MEHM software is our exclusive Windowware window coverings module. The Windowware quoting system was created by Joe Mehm in 2006 and has been in use by many window coverings professionals ever since. In early 2018 we decided to couple the Windowware module with our newly developed Project Management system. MEHM knew that most interior designers sell window coverings and the other project maangement systems out there lacked that functionality.

The Windowware module is part of our cloud-based project manager and it's powered by an extremely robust Products Configurator. What is a Products Configurator you may ask? Well, it's the heart of the Windowware system. If you are wanting to generate custom window covering quotes, then it's an absolute necessity. It does all the calculations on the back end so you can be sure that ALL product and option prices are calculated correctly. Calculating an accurate estimate demands price structures that may include: grid-based pricing, single line pricing, width based, height based, flat list, flat net, percent based, square inch based, square foot based, add for shutter frames, divide overall sizes by two or three, sub option grids, by yardage, number of panel and on and on.

Building a system to accomodate just one manufacturer or pricing structure would have been simple. But we wanted to create an unrestricted system that allows dealers to build their businesses the way THEY want. And that meant having to address all the complexities of various pricing options.

If you've been looking at ANY other software solution, be sure to specifically ask if their program can do what ours can above. It's a very important question. Most other programs don't. And if it can't, then it's back to hand quoting from price grids with a calculator.

OK, so how much does this cost?

We offer an unlimited project management system that is totally free, forever. It includes our Windowware Module with a select line of window coverings too. We also offer custom upgrades for products and features. See specific plans here: View Plans.

Are there any annual fees or contracts required?

Absolutely not.

Which manufacturers are supported in the Windowware module, and what about custom or private label products?

Currently the Plan provides you with over 2,500 products from 40+ vendors/manufacturers. Private label products, exclusive to you, can be added as needed. (See Plans Page for pricing)

Can MEHM enhance my business image?

Let's be honest, today's consumer has become more sophisticated than ever. And, competition has grown tougher than ever. Utilizing the power of our Project Management software to instantly produce estimates and proposals can only instill greater confidence of your capabilities to your prospective clients. Imagine the contrast as they watch your competitor struggle with pad, pencil and price books.

Do I need to purchase any hardware/computers to use your software?

No special equipment required. Our software is cloud-based and works on any device. You can use an iPad, Android tablet, netbook, smart phone, desktop or laptop. All you need is a data plan or mobile hot spot. MEHM works on everything!

Will An Internet Connection Be Required?

Yes, to use our system you will need some sort of data plan. It can be a data plan on your tablet, smart phone or you can simply share your phones mobile hotspot with any Wi-Fi enabled tablet or computer. MEHM is a cloud-based software program, also known as SaaS (Software as a Service). While functioning like an app, MEHM possesses the extremely important ability to accept new product and feature updates immediately. You'll never have to wait again for stale updates being sent to your office or an app that needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled on a regular basis.

Does MEHM Integrate With Google Calendar?

Yes. Recently completed API's handle that integration. Updates will soon be available with more details on how it works. How Are Product Updates Handled? Another reason our software is favored over the others. With a cloud-based system like ours you'll NEVER wait for an update disc or download to be sent. All product updates and software improvements are available the moment they're added, sometimes daily. Not once every 6-12 months.

Can I E-Mail Proposals and Invoices To My Clients? How about a Client Portal?

Absolutely. Today, about 98% of your customers have an email address and can receive a copy of their proposal or invoice while you're still on site. We also offer a Client Portal whcih allows your clients access to all their proposals, invoices, a payment section and more.

Does MEHM Integrate With Quickbooks?

Yes. QB Online only at this time. Contact us for more details about ongoing improvements to this integration.

Is MEHM Available In Other Countries?

Yes. Our project management software is available to anyone anywhere around the world. However, the Windowware module only includes US based brands and pricing at the moment.

I'm Not That Tech-Savvy. How Difficult Is It To Use Your Software?

MEHM is naturally intuitive. We also offer live weekly demos with the Premium Plan. Please contact us for dates and times.

What If I Require Technical Support Or Additional Training?

We have 3 different departments: Products, Sales, Technology/Service. All departments are available by phone or email without limit as to the number of calls or emails - EVER. Our goal is to make every single dealer 100% satisfied with our software, no matter how much time it may take.

How Long Will It Take To Set Up My Account After Signup?

The whole signup process takes less than one hour from the time we gather your company information.

I'm Ready To Sign Up. What's The Next Step?

We're excited to hear that. To sign up just type in your business email and choose a password in the box above and we will walk you through the steps needed. :)